The Director

Of the more valuable experiences over the years, has been the focus on human resource management and its relationship to the success of organizational development and inherent growth.

Ken has a keen understanding of these relationships and has made them the focus of his life, and now through his new venture: Creative Links Pty Ltd.

Ken believes that with the right leadership, organisations will thrive and they will retain happy, enthusiastic staff, who are responsive to change. In fact, he believes that there can be an ongoing positive relationship engendered between all levels of management and subordinate staff.

Leaders need to acquire the skills to appropriately motivate and discipline staff at all levels, focusing on responsibility management. Responsibility management includes accountability at all staffing levels, for their performances with appropriate reward and penalty systems adopted throughout the organisation.

Ken’s aim is to help organisations to succeed – Linking people in prosperity.

Ken is a member of the National Speakers’ Association of Australia, and

  • Fellow, CPA Australia;
  • Fellow, Chartered Secretaries Australia;
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Management; and
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Ken has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and a Diploma in Financial Services, as well as a number of residential courses in credit union management.

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