The Director

The owner and director of Creative Links Pty Ltd is Ken LEE TET.

Ken has a background in business, specifically in financial institutions, working in them, and creating systems and processes for their changing needs.

Aside from his spiritual and voluntary work, Ken’s employment activities span forty-two years:

  • 1968 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • 1979 Police Association Credit Co-operative Limited
  • 1986 Outlook Credit Union Limited (Ansett Employees)
  • 1990 SMA Consultants Pty Ltd (Superannuation management)
  • 1990 Equus Financial Services Limited
  • 1992 Police Association Credit Co-operative Limited
  • 2000 APESMA Professionals First Credit Union Limited
  • 2001 following a merger with Members Australia Credit Union Limited, Ken’s position as a General Manager became redundant.
  • 2002 Director of AMCOR Credit Co-operative Ltd (3 years)
  • 2002 Plenty Credit Co-operative Ltd, until Ken's position as General Manager became redundant in 2010.

Ken has been a company director, company secretary, and a general manager for several of these organisations. He has also spent a number of years as president, vice president, and treasurer of the Australian Institute of Credit Union Management, Victorian Division.

Along with these activities, Ken has also undertaken audit roles for small organisations for several years.

Since 1978 Ken has been in managerial and executive management roles, requiring and gaining valuable experience in:

  • change management;
  • human resources;
  • accounting and audit;
  • board relationships and responsibilities;
  • corporate and financial institutions law;
  • management and leadership;
  • strategic planning;
  • customer service; and
  • systems design and processes.

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